Nieuwe Star Wars: Battlefront geruchten 

Nieuwe Star Wars: Battlefront geruchten 2015-02-12T11:38:25
Er is een enorme berg aan nieuwe Star Wars: Battlefront geruchten online verschenen. Als deze kloppen, komt het helemaal goed met deze game over onze favoriete space-opera.

Jason Ward van Star Wars fansite Making Star Wars heeft een hele waslijst aan nieuwe geruchten over Star Wars: Battlefront online gezet, waaronder interessante details over hoe de game zich gaat verhouden tot de films. Star Wars: Battlefront moet de gehele Star Wars-saga gaan overspannen, maar de nadruk zal vooral liggen op de meest bekende veldslagen uit de originele trilogie. De game zal naast gewone veldslagen ook space-to-land battles bevatten en 32 tegen 32 multiplayer ondersteunen. Zie hier de volledige lijst met geruchten:

  • The story of Star Wars: Battlefront’s campaign will span pretty much the entire Star Warssaga.
  • Star Wars Battlefront will feature segments in which you play as both the good guys (Old Republic, Rebellion and Republic) and bad guys (Separatists and the Empire). It was specifically stated that there will be a small portion of prequel trilogy content. You will participate in a couple of battles from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the space battle above Corsucant from the beginning of Revenge of the Sith.
  • The majority of the campaign will take place during the original trilogy era. All of the battles and settings that you would expect to be there will be playable. It was said that the campaign itself is pretty long when compared to other first person shooters.
  • There will be some segments of the campaign which take place between Return of the Jediand The Force Awakens. There won’t be a lot because in their words “Lucasfilm has a lot of plans for that era.”
  • The last section of the campaign takes place before and during the opening segments of The Force Awakens. Don’t expect anything too revealing, because the game is expected to ship about a month before the movie releases.
  • For both the Republic (that’s what the good guys are being called in the production here) and Empire sections you will be playing characters that actually appear in The Force Awakens.
  • EA/DICE was allowed into Pinewood Studios for a few days to scan and capture props, sets, etc for recreation in the game.
  • At one point either during either the portion between episodes 6 and 7 or the portion from the beginning of The Force Awakens a character with the last name Tarkin appears.
  • The scale of the multiplayer is going to be absolutely massive with up 64 players participating on each side.
  • Space to land battles are absolutely happening, but will only be available in certain game modes.
  • There will be a “hero” system in place, where as you play you accumulate points that you can eventually cash in to play as a “hero” character. These characters are extremely powerful and have abilities that are not available to the normal characters that you play for most of the matches. The system is constantly in flux, but as it is now, pretty much everyone have a chance to play as a hero at least once per match.
  • The Downloadable Content plan for the game is “extremely aggressive”. Expect up to five DLC packs for the game, with the first coming out before the end of 2015. Each pack will be themed, with the first two or three being exclusively based around content from The Force Awakens.
  • The game will ship with several The Force Awakens characters already, but some won’t be added until DLC. Specifically all of the characters in the trailers will be available at launch, as will new versions of the X-wing an TIE fighter.
  • Tons of new ships and vehicles.
  • The contents of each DLC will contain at least three new maps, new hero characters, and new vehicles/ships.
  • I saw a character model for the new Stormtroopers, the model for the new X-wings, and some random models of guns, grenades, and other things like that. However, the most interesting thing was a picture of a screen from one of the employee databases.
  • It was as a checklist that the department heads can go through to see whats been complete, whats been bug tested, etc. It was basically just a black screen with lines and lines of text posts, with comments and suggestions under each post. What was most interesting about this is what was listed. This particular screen I saw was for a listing of maps for the multiplayer mode. There was a lot of stuff that you’d expect to see in a game like this like:
Hoth: EP5
Endor: EP6
Yavin: EP4
  • Like I said, nothing major. EXCEPT for this listing that I saw
Tatooine: EP1
Tatooine; EP4
Tatooine: EP7
  • Now, I know that’s not concrete evidence that the desert planet from The Force Awakens is Tatooine, but I thought it was interesting because I know there was been some debate about that subject.
  • That is a lot to take in and if the information is accurate, it sounds like a really great experience forStar Wars fans and the links to the new movie sounds pretty good considering how paltry it could be. Clarification Update: The source contacted me to let me know they simply meant the prequel era Republic when they said “Old Republic.” They did not mean the story from 3000 years before A New Hope. They also said online matches are 64 players, 32 on each side.

De meeste van deze geruchten zijn wat de game betreft niet heel schokkend of onwaarschijnlijk, alleen geeft onderstaande regel het geheel misschien wel een snufje sensatiezoekerij:

There will be some segments of the campaign which take place between Return of the Jediand The Force Awakens. There won’t be a lot because in their words “Lucasfilm has a lot of plans for that era.”

Volgens Jason Ward zal het einde van de campaign inhaken op het begin van The Force Awakens en moet de game een maand voor de komst van de nieuwe Star Wars film in de winkels liggen. Dit klinkt allemaal veelbelovend, maar vooralsnog moeten we het nemen met een enorm korreltje Tatooine-zout. Zeker is wel dat Star Wars: Battlefront wordt gemaakt door Battlefield-ontwikkelaar DICE en ergens eind dit jaar zal worden uitgebracht door EA.


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