Destiny TTK: Op zoek naar Raiders op de XBOX one, voor King's Fall 

Game: Destiny

Ik zal hier mijn orginele topic posten, aangezien mij dat het makkelijkste lijkt. Deze is echter wel in het Engels, sorry daarvoor.

Forming a permanent group for King’s fall, More info inside !

Hello Folks,

I am Zh4nk0u, 29 years old male from the Netherlands.

I play Destiny 2 hours a day between 20:00 – 22:00 GMT on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday and Thursday.
Sometimes on Friday/Saturday, depending on my wife.

I have a partner I play with, called T4zz, also from the Netherlands.

We are now in the light level range of 285-290, and we want to start raiding soon.
Because we both want better gear to boost our light levels, and also beat the biggest challenge this game has to offer.

We are looking for people who are on the same boat, willingly to work together to accomplish great things. People who haven’t done the raid yet, although this is not an requirement.
Experience is always welcome, but I guess those people don’t want to be in “newer” groups.
We are looking for people who match our time zones (read; playtimes).

We want people who are mature, and don’t start shouting when something goes wrong during a raid. We are all grown ups who want to accomplish the same thing. Mistakes can happen, and we can only learn from them and get better at what we do.

I want the group to grow so close together, where everyone is equal.
Of course in certain occasions u may need someone to speak, or communicate, as a leader type but I guess by the time we have a group up and running we can always decide who does that. I am just here to get the ball rolling, as organising is something I like to do.

My former game experience was “hc”raiding on the computer, few years ago with games like Allods Online, and World of Warcraft (before we had kids). I used to be raid leader, writer of guides/tactics, and much more. If u want more information about my past gaming experience, feel free to ask. I started out on the console few months ago after my computer died, and ever since I fell in love with Destiny. Enough about me….

What are our current requirements ?

Willing to learn and progress
Respect each other
Microphone, being able to communicate is a must
Having studied all the game mechanics (check YouTube, read guides), so u have an basic understanding of the raid.

Minimum Light lvl of 285
Have a 280-290+ Sniper Rifle with high Impact

And a reply post to this thread with some information about your past experience, what you want to contribute to our Fireteam, and why we have to pick you over other people.

With a bit of luck we can manage a fireteam and start out next week after the reset.

What is our goal?

On the first day of reset, to kill the Warpriest.
2nd Day Gorgoloth
3rd Day Sisters
4th Day Oryx

The reason to spread these fights over a few days at start, is because I have no idea how smooth (or not) everything will be from the start. So these are minimum “goals” over the course. If we can manage to do everything at a decent rate, well, then progressing to the next boss on the same day is of course something we will do.

Eventually u get a certain raid flow together, where u do everything in one time span of approx 2 hours, depending on wipes and such.

Mind you, these are goals and not permanent objectives. Once we have a group organised, we can still discuss about these goals. We all want the same goal eventually, and that is what counts.

Let the rain of replies begin…

Created a group/Clan, which can be found here:

U can either make a introduction post there or here, your call.
/Zh4nk0u out


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