Teaser killer 

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Dit behoeft geen intro. Gewoon lezen, die handel! Wel in English though, anders is het einde vernaggeld. Enjoy! =P

My name is Terry Spencer. I’m a cop.

It was June 6th, 2013. Back then I had served in the NYPD for a little over four years. During that time I made a name for myself, solving crimes by digging into the criminal’s head, finding out what makes him tick and predicting his moves.

That day I was put on a new case, which would later be known as the ‘Teaser killer’. I knew working for the police meant I would see a lot of messed up shit, but nothing could’ve prepared me for what followed.

The police feared we had a serial killer on our hands. So far they found two victims that were both murdered in a similar way; cut in two with what seemed to be a hacksaw. They both were married women in their early thirties.
Now another woman that fitted the victims profile was reported missing. She went off to work the day before, but she never arrived. Surveillance cameras on her way to work gave no clues as to what had happened.

Since we had nothing to go on, I revisited the evidence from the other two murders. Photos of the crime scenes showed the victims were staged in a horrific fashion, as if the killer was taunting us. He also left a note pinned on their face, the first saying “How long must we wait?!”, while the other note said “Quit torturing us!”.
Nothing made sense. Apart from being married and their age and gender, the victims had nothing in common. Why was the killer targeting these women? And what was it with the messages? Were they just the rambling of an insane lunatic, or was there more behind it?
I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Luckily there was a chance I still had time to save this woman. Autopsy on the other victims showed they had suffered trauma that was beginning to heal, so the killer had to have kept them alive for at least three days before they were killed.

My hopes however were short-lived. That same evening I got a call, saying the missing woman’s car had been found. By the time I arrived at the crime scene the CSI were just about to begin collecting evidence. Again the killer had made no effort to hide his handy work. And what he did this time was way worse than I’ve seen on any of the photos.
The victim lay behind the car’s opened trunk. She was cut in half like the other two, but this time it was along the length of her spine. Judging from the pool of blood, the killer must’ve done it right there. Possibly, the victim was still alive at that point.
Again there was a note, pinned inside the corpse’s skull. This one said “Give us what we want!!”. “Again with the messages. And who are the ‘we’ and ‘us’” I thought to myself. ““How long must we wait?!”, “Quit torturing us!”, “Give us what we want!!”. Did the killer think they wanted to be killed?”

I never felt more sick than at that moment. I couldn’t save her, and just a few hours ago she still could’ve been alive. The killer was still out there and now I had to tell a worrying husband he had lost his wife.
As I stood over the corpse, the CSI were talking to each other. “Have you ever seen anything like this?” “Never in my entire life!” And just like that that, it came to me. “Wife, life, women cut in half. “How long must we wait?! Give us what we want!!””. Whoever the killer was, the bastard had a sick sense of humor. I realized then this could’ve been the last victim of the Teaser killer.

I was still at the crime scene when the chief called me. “Any news on the missing woman?”, he said. I then spoke the words that would haunt me for the rest of my career. “Sorry chief, half wife 3 confirmed.”


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