Gratis Rainbow Six: Siege Dust Line patch voegt eenhoorns aan de game toe 

Gratis Rainbow Six: Siege Dust Line patch voegt eenhoorns aan de game toe 2016-05-10T15:06:59
Morgen komt de Dust Line DLC voor Rainbow Six: Siege uit, naast de uitbreiding komt er ook een patch. Deze voegt onder meer de optie toe om je wapen te decoreren, dit kan onder andere met een eenhoorn sticker. Daarnaast zijn er ook veranderingen om de game verder te balanceren.

Vanaf morgen kunnen Rainbow Six: Siege-gamers aan de slag met de Dust Line DLC. Om de game daar klaar voor te maken, komt er ook een patch. Deze voegt onder andere manieren om je wapens te decoreren, nerfs en buffs voor personages en zijn er wat bugs gefixt. Voor de volledige lijst, met onder andere de eenhoorn stickers, kan je hier klikken, hieronder staat een korte samenvatting van de gameplay veranderingen.

  • New operator: Valkyrie 
  • New operator: Blackbeard
  • IQ’s gadget now has enhanced visual feedback
  • Tachanka’s LMG is now easier to place and easier to use
  • Montagne’s shield adds side protection
  • Frost no longer has a Nitro Cell
  • Buck gets grenades & reduced recoil, but his shotgun loses range
  • Thatcher’s EMP grenade gets a range reduction
  • Sledge swaps Breach Charges for Stun Grenades
  • Thermite swaps Frag Grenades for Stun Grenades
  • The FBI SWAT Recruit Shield loadout will now have heavy armor
  • Introducing gadget placement cancellation controls
  • Red Dot & Reflex Triangle sights now more precise
  • Flash Hider & Compensator adjustments
  • Stun Grenades now detonate faster after contact
  • Pump-Action Shotgun rebalance
  • Reduced exposure on Operator’s head positioning while aiming
  • Animations when leaning are now mirrored on both sides
  • Indoors vs. outdoors lighting differences are now less extreme
  • Graphics update
  • Added gun occlusion to make sound more realistice
  • Killcam black & white effect reduced
  • Near death visual effect reduced
  • Death animation polish.
  • Larger weapon preview size
  • Car windows are now breakable
  • Ban escalation is now harsher for cheaters
  • Bans for toxic behavior
  • Reduced friendly fire in PVE
  • More appropriate AI balance for Consoles vs. PC.
  • Fixed – FBI Operator sights losses accuracy after aiming with secondary weapon.
  • Fixed – User throwing a Nitro Cell may see it go through a hole but then stick to another obstacle. The Nitro Cell collisions are now a lot smoother and will not stick to walls that it does not collide with when thrown.


  • Fixed – Leaning while holding a gadget is not correctly replicated during the Death Replay.
  • Fixed – Guns can be picked up for ammo if they fall directly onto a player.
  • Fixed – A player would receive extra ammo if a teammate holding the very same weapon would die next to him.
  • Fixed – A graphical glitch can be seen on the bombs after the Defuser was planted on night time maps.
  • Fixed – [PVE] AI looking in non-strategic direction after a breach has occurred.
  • Fixed – Glaz’s Flip Sights were slightly misaligned.
  • Fixed – A player can install Jager’s gadget on a deployable shield.
  • Fixed – A player wearing Rook’s armor plate would be put into downed state instead of dying when hit by a melee attack.
  • Fixed – Blitz’s head placement was misaligned with his shield.
  • Fixed – Players in prone position behind a reinforced wall can be killed by frag grenades detonating on the other side.
  • Fixed – Player can have ADS accuracy before being fully in ADS.
  • Fixed – Stun Grenades' fuse not shortened to 1 second after colliding with obstacles.
  • Fixed – Possible to knife opponents through trapdoors.
  • Fixed – A player that goes down while vaulting can still shoot until the vault animation is over.
  • Fixed – Unique gadget count for Jager does not update correctly if installing a unique gadget on a shield in teammate’s hands (not deployed).
  • Fixed – Jager's unique gadget is floating once installed on a shield in hands of another defender.
  • Fixed – Operators that equip Rook's armor plate ( ceramic plate ) are put into DBNO after receiving melee damage.
  • Fixed – Player cannot melee the bottom part of barricades when there is an electrified barbwire in front of it.
  • Fixed – Players killed while crouching and moving will get up and stumble forward before collapsing.
  • Fixed – If Castle places his deployable shield immediately after removing his reinforced barricade, players cannot vault over it.
  • Fixed – Player immediately dies if he rappels into a room and lands on a Welcome Mat.
  • Fixed – While spectating Tachanka,a broken animation can be observed.
  • Fixed – The Fuze operator willl be revived with more bullets on his pistols.
  • Fixed – [Consulate] Some doorframes allow bullet penetration through unbreakable walls.
  • Fixed – [Yacht] The drone can fall out of the map if deployed in a certain location.
  • Fixed – [Hereford Base] [Exploit] Player is able to get under the map and kill enemies while rappelling at EXT Basement Entrance.
  • Fixed – [Kanal] A player can vault inside the truck in the Loading Dock.
  • Fixed – [Oregon] A player can enter a closet in the laundry room.
  • Fixed – [Bank] Multiple draw distance objects were not appearing correctly.
  • Fixed – [Yatch] A player can vault into the wall in the Globe Hallway.
  • Fixed – [House] A player can shoot in between reinforcements on a wall in Training Room.
  • Fixed – [House] Readability of the breach indicator (Breach, Unbreakable or LOS) is inconsistent and confusing near 1F Office.
  • Fixed – [PS4] Players Met feature from the friends tab in the PlayStation dynamic menu has no functionality.
  • Fixed – [Xbox One] Graphical corruption can be seen on the guns if exposed to light.
  • Fixed – When the host of a custom match leaves, the match ended for all players.
  • Fixed – Players were able to determine the enemy team’s IP address.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege is sinds december 2015 beschikbaar. Operation Dust Line is de eerste grote DLC voor de game en is vanaf morgen beschikbaar voor iedereen. De patch komt tevens morgen uit en is 4,54 GB groot.


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